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We are delighted to be able to offer you our range of interactive Apps that can be deployed into a variety of applications.

Custom Touchscreen Apps

Transform brands and products into an interactive multimedia experience.

Choose from a growing number of customisable multitouch apps for large-scale professional touchscreens.

Impressive Solutions

Amaze your customers - by delivering 

engaging interactive experiences at point of sale, information and entertainment.

Effective Infotainment - Combine your message with interactive infotainment to reach your audience most effectively.

Sell More - Create maximum awareness for your brands, products and services.

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What has been successfully established for smartphones and tablets is now available for large-scale professional touchscreens.

The world's first specialised interactive digital signage app platform - a whole new eco-system with customisable touchscreen apps, intuitive content management software and an extensive online app marketplace. Learn more Click here

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