Virtual 3D Hire ( Exhibitions and Retail)


LCD 3D BOX is a cutting edge technology. A product display unit that is designed to showcase a product and video simultaneously. Creating a highly visual impact for your exhibition stand or promotional campaign. 

The  transparent screen is fused into a stylish presentation case and promotes a real-life product in an engaging and memorable way that will truly make people stop and stare!

3d hologram display


The holographic display is a fantastic device to display your products in the most imaginable way possible. This type of technology lends itself for both physical products and those in the virtual world.

This display system uses a technique that is often referred to as Pepper’s Ghost. Commonly used in theatres applying a technique that reflects an image off of a surface to create an illusion of a 3D object floating in physical space.

If you are looking for creative ways to spice-up the promotion of your products at conferences, exhibitions or trade-shows and events then holographic displays are a superb way to captivate attendees and engage them with your product or brand. 

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