INFRARED Interactive TOuch Screens

All-In-One Business and Meeting Touch Screen Solution

Whiteboard Touch Screen Solution for Collaboration in the Meeting, Training & Boardroom.

The Interactive Touch Display is the all-in-one Touch Screen solution that allows you to bring the best in interactivity and collaboration to your business. The tools are all there to deliver the best meetings, training and presentations possible. From the dynamic and versatile Smart Pen to the intuitive and easy to use MeetingPad software that allows wireless mirroring and file sharing the Interactive Touch Display is a screen that can fit seamlessly into a wide variety of professional settings.

Introduce State of the Art Technology to the Classroom

Whiteboard Touch Screen Solution for Collaboration in the Classroom , Lecture & Conference 

The Interactive Touch Display has a natural home in the classroom. Designed with the education market in mind the Interactive Touch Display is going to revolutionise the way you teach forever, all without the disadvantages that came with projectors and interactive whiteboards. The Interactive Touch Display is an all-in-one solution that supports teaching and helps increase student engagement

Powerful Presenting Tools

The Interactive Touch Display is one of the best tools at your disposal during presentations. The ‘MeetingPad’ software is able to support a wide variety of formats such as images, videos, PDF files and office documents (such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint) in glorious high definition and allow you to annotate directly over them without the need for additional hardware. These meetings can then be shared via email or by QR codes so attendees can take the annotated presentation away with them.

Wireless Working and Collaboration

Collaborating is made easy with the Interactive Touch Display thanks to a host of wireless cooperation tools that are destined to change the way you work for the better. After a meeting where lots of annotations and notes are made on the display, these notes can be easily distributed via email or QR codes completely wirelessly, so you can easily keep a digital record of exactly what was discussed. Many different file types can be shared allowing for an easy work flow between the Touch Screen and your devices. The second of these tools is wireless mirroring that allows meeting attendees to mirror from their smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs to the display. Users can even control the Interactive Touch Display from their mobile device. There is no limit to the amount of mobile devices that can simultaneously connect to the screen. No additional hardware is required for this remarkable collaboration feature.

Optional Windows OPS PC

Integrate the display into an existing Windows network using either your laptop, connected quickly and conveniently using the easy access front ports, or by using one of our slot-in OPS PCs. We offer two versions of OPS PC; one high performance and one more budget friendly. By using a slot-in OPS PC you can have both Android and Windows built in, meaning you don’t need to connect any external devices, whatever the task.

Whiteboard of the Future

The Integrated ‘MeetingPad’ software is the best flexible meeting/presentation tools you have. Grab all the attention with the displays clean and easy to use user interface that can easily be personalised to adapt to the way that you work. This is the whiteboard of the future as you undertake a wide variety of different tasks. Run a PowerPoint Presentation, write notes on the latest sales reports, review the latest company promotional video and access the internet seamlessly.

Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Infrared touch technology used with the etched glass of the display provides a smooth and tactile writing experience for teachers and students alike. Drawing on the Interactive Touch Display is reliable and ergonomic for users and with up to 10 touch points multiple students are able to use the display at any time. The specially treated glass is able to diffuse classroom light without harsh reflections or excessive glare keeping the display crystal clear and easily readable.

No Setup or Calibration

The Interactive Touch Display requires no cumbersome setup or calibration to get working. Unlike projector based solutions the display is always ready to shine when needed. With just the hit of the power button the Interactive Touch Display can spring to life in and instant and add vitality to your meeting in seconds thanks to the integrated PC.

Business Apps

Although the Interactive Touch Display can support a wide variety of files and are built with collaboration with mind, you can download a variety of third party business apps to the display via the Google Play store giving you the widest possible choice to work the way you want.

Smart Pen Stylus

The Smart Pen is a new revolutionary presentation tool that is included with the Interactive Touch Display. The Smart Pen allows you to wirelessly control the display from anywhere in the room. This allows the presenter to not be bound to the screens side and lets them deliver a more active presentation as they navigate forward and backward through presentations and webpages, change the pen colour, save annotated documents and even navigate through the MeetingPad functions.

Extensive Connectivity

The display is able to connect to a wide variety of devices. Both wirelessly and hardwired the Interactive Touch Display is equipped to handle them all. The display has a series of the most common ports including USB and HDMI within easy reach on the front of the display (excludes 55” model). On the rear of the display the screen has an extensive range of ports including VGA, RS-232, YPbPr and DisplayPort to name a few. The Interactive Touch Display is able to connect with Android, Apple and Windows devices.

Tough Enclosure

The Interactive Touch Display is built to last. With a stunningly crafted enclosure and etched glass, the Interactive Touch Display is the centrepiece to any office or meeting room. With an industry leading 5 years warranty and crafted from only the very best components the Interactive Touch Display is able to withstand the rigours of business.