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That's why we are offering you a unique free trial with an Android media player sent in the post so you can see your content on a screen*

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Free Android Media Player

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YES you can connect our media players to any screen.

Using simple plug and play technology.

Our pre-configured signage app brings your new signage displays to life.


Smart signage using any screen

Signage Software

At Visual Touch we believe in making Digital Signage software easy to understand and simple to use. There are many products to choose from in the market but at Visual Touch we aim to make your life easier .

Fast Set Up

Set up your player in minutes. Simply copy your player key password from the studio and press play. We also operate on Windows, Android and Chrome OS to ensure we deliver content on the most players in the market.

Bespoke Layout

Integrated fully customisable visual editor which allows your screens to look how you want them. Predefined templates can be created but our software gives you licence to get creative.

Easy to Use

Our digital signage solutions are powered by a simple cloud-based CMS. Why choose cloud-based? You can login from any PC to create and manage content in our drag & drop editor.

Combine your images, videos, social media, RSS feeds, live web pages and more to create engaging presentations. Schedule your content to play at particular times of the day, week or month. Make any changes and your screens automatically update.

Use any screen

We provide Android media players to transform ANY screen into a signage display. Our Micro PC's are designed specifically for digital signage, selected for reliability and energy-efficiency. 

Where you are operating video walls and more power is required, then we  recommend higher calibre Windows players. Chrome OS devices with greater network management functionality are also available. FREE Trial available.

Customised Design & Content

At Visual Touch, we want your business to benefit commercially from the deployment of digital signage screens. That’s why we develop bespoke projects and integration with key partners.

Our platform has the ability to integrate with other software solutions and we have developed projects across niche markets. 

Integration with proprietary databases to seamlessly show content on our screens.

Visual Touch Digital Signage Software (pdf)


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